Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer: Six Other Women Have Told Him Similar Trump Claims As POTUS Wants Lawsuit Made Private

Susan WalshAP Images

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has given several interviews over the past couple of days that have brought further allegations about President Donald Trump’s alleged conduct to the forefront.

As seen in the below CNN video from The Lead with Jake Tapper, Avenatti spoke about additional women who have reportedly contacted the attorney with stories similar to Stormy’s story, with the women alleging that they, too, have been ordered to be silent about their experiences. Michael told Tapper that his law firm was in the process of vetting the women and their claims in order to make a decision about the validity of their cases and to determine if his firm would represent any of the women like he represents Stormy.

According to U.S. News & World Report, six other women have been in touch with Avenatti, with two of the women showing him signed nondisclosure agreements. Avenatti would not reveal the names listed on the NDAs, nor further information about the documents that he has seen.

Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, admitted that he paid Stormy $130,000 from his own funds, but claims that Trump knew nothing about the transaction. Avenatti’s interviews came amid Trump’s sudden firing of Andrew McCabe, with Michael’s allegations taking over some of the news coverage as Trump’s attorneys filed a new court filing attempting to hit Stormy with $20 million in damages. Michael called the $20 million lawsuit by Trump an attempt to “intimidate” Stormy.

As reported by Politico, Trump’s attorney has filed a motion to try and move Stormy’s lawsuit into a federal court, with the filing listing Trump’s name as a defendant. Trump’s new lawsuit claims that Stormy violated the NDA and owes $20 million – but Stormy’s lawyer called the move an attempt to get Stormy into litigation behind the doors of a private conference room instead of a more public forum.

Stormy’s upcoming 60 Minutes interview, which is scheduled to air on Sunday, March 25, was repeatedly referenced by Avenatti throughout his recent interviews.

Stormy sought to get her NDA deemed invalid so that she could speak about what she claims were her experiences with Trump.

Daniels’ lawyer accused Trump’s team of an attempt to hide “the truth from the public” by the Friday night filing hoping to get the case moved to a federal court in Los Angeles and go into private arbitration.