Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Net Worth Revealed, What We Know About Their Shocking Fortunes, Reports ‘Time’

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Meghan Markle’s life will never be the same once she ties the knot with Prince Harry in May. While the excitement builds for the royal wedding, one of the biggest mysteries surrounds the couple’s combined fortune once they tie the knot. Here’s what we know about the couple’s shocking net worth ahead of the big day.

According to Time Money, Markle has amassed quite the fortune working in Hollywood. The actress made around $50,000 for every episode of Suits, which put her yearly earnings at around half a million. Those numbers do not include other projects Markle has done over the years, so her fortune is easily in the millions of dollars.

A recent estimate put it at around $5 million, though an exact number is not known. Although Markle made a great living in Los Angeles, her net worth falls a good deal shy of Harry’s royal fortune.

Prince Harry’s net worth is difficult to determine because the royal family does not make their earnings public, reports the Daily Mail. A conservative estimate puts Harry’s fortune at around the $25 million mark, though some reports have it as large as $40 million.

Harry receives most of his income from the Duchy of Cornwall, which provides funding for Harry’s father, Prince Charles, and his brother, Prince William. Last year, the estate dished out close to $5 million for Harry, William, and Charles.

Harry also inherited a lot of money from Princess Diana’s estate, which was worth around $30 million when she died. Harry and William divided their mom’s fortune, so each of them has close to $15 million in the bank. That number does not include Diana’s vast — and expensive — jewelry collection, which has not been estimated for value.

Finally, Harry also received a monthly paycheck from the British Royal Air Force when he served in the military. As a side, Queen Elizabeth’s net worth is estimated at an astounding $490 million.

Markle and Harry’s fortune will not change much after they tie the knot because of tax purposes. If Markle remains a U.S. citizen, then opening up a joint account with Harry could lead to issues between the IRS and the royal family. Markle will be required to pay taxes as long as she is a U.S. citizen.

She cannot apply to become a U.K. citizen until after three years of marriage. Once that time allotment has passed, then Markle will get to determine her future in the U.S.

Although Harry and Markle’s fortune is large, they spend the majority of their time doing philanthropic work for the royal family. Harry has spearheaded several different charities around the world while Markle will likely do the same once she becomes a full-fledged member of the royal family. The couple has not commented on the reports surrounding their shocking fortunes.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will tie the knot in St. George’s Chapel on May 19.