No Evidence Against Roman Reigns In The Much Hyped Jon Bravo Steroid Ring Video

Filmmaker Jon Bravo finally released the much talked about video, which was supposed to offer evidence against Roman Reigns. For weeks, the filmmaker claimed that he had proof of Roman Reigns purchasing steroid from arrested dealer Richard Rodriguez of Wellness Fitness Nutrition. However, the video which was released on Friday contained no proof against Roman Reigns. Jon Bravo merely mentioned the name several times in the video.

The WWE Universe has been waiting for this video which was supposed to prove Roman Reigns' involvement with steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez. Bravo mentioned in the video that he was unable to verify the order for Roman Reigns and Mark Wahlberg, as reported by Wrestling Inc. However, the filmmaker did not back off from his claims of Roman Reigns' involvement in the steroid conspiracy. Bravo maintained that Wahlberg ordered through a doctor, whereas Reigns used an alias.

The video showed no evidence to back these claims made by Jon Bravo. Jon claimed that he required text messages from Rodriguez to prove a direct connection, but was unable to provide them as the devices are still with the DEA. He added that he could prove beyond reasonable doubt about the involvement of Reigns once the devices are released by the DEA. Notably, Jon had claimed that this video would have definite proof incriminating Reigns before it was released.

Roman Reigns was accused of procuring steroids

Toward the end of the video, a statement appears which claims that order and contact information of Leati Joseph Anoa'i aka Roman Reigns were found on the laptop, which would be verified once direct communication between them is received. This again leaves things hanging and makes tall claims without any concrete proof, a pattern which has been evident over the past few weeks.

A lot of names were mentioned in the video including the likes of John Cena, Steve Austin, Ultimate Warrior, Brock Lesnar, and The Rock. As was the case with Roman, no proof against anyone was present in the video. The filmmaker, who had earlier denied that he had confused Luther Reigns with Roman Reigns, showed some text messages allegedly connecting Luther. There was no mention of a $140,000 alleged order by a pro-wrestler.

The WWE and WWE Universe have been waiting for this video which was supposed to bring forth some hard evidence. Instead, most of it involving current WWE superstars is mere speculation. While the filmmaker still claims there is evidence which will be released once he gets his hands on the devices currently with DEA, it seems unlikely anything substantial against Roman Reigns will come out considering what has transpired in the past few weeks.