Man Failed To Overturn Court Decision That Declares Him Officially Dead Despite Being Well And Alive [VIDEO]

Constantin Reliu tried to tell the court that he is alive after the judge declared him to be dead. However, he failed to convince him despite the overwhelming evidence. The 63-year-old man returned to his hometown in Romania but was very shocked to discover that he was listed as dead in the local registrar.

According to NBC NEWS, it was only in January that Reliu found out that his wife registered him as dead in 2003. He is not aware of this fact because he has been living in Turkey for more than 20 years now.

His Story

Constantin Reliu first went to work as a cook in Turkey in 1992. He returned home in 1995 but was very devastated to learn that his wife was cheating on him. Thus, in 1999, he decided to go back to Turkey – with no thoughts of returning home again.

He stopped contacting his wife, and with no news from him for over two decades, his other half managed to get a death certificate for him in 2016. Now, Constantin came to know about his “death” after the Turkish government deported him earlier this year due to his expired papers.

Upon his arrival in Romania, he was held at the airport and was interrogated for over six hours. While at the customs, he did what he could to tell the officials that he is alive. Since records in their country listed him as deceased, the authorities were not easily convinced that he is the “dead” Constantin Reliu.

After the long interrogation, he was eventually allowed to leave but he faced more problems as he tried to straighten things out. He wants to reclaim his identity by going to the court and asking it to nullify the death certificate that was obtained by his wife.

Unfortunately, on March 15, the court in the city of Vaslui denied his request to cancel the certificate. He was told that he appealed his case very late so he will now remain officially dead throughout his lifetime.

The decision was very unusual since he presented himself to the court as proof that he is alive. Still, the judge did not budge and firmly stated that his appeal is useless for the court ruling is final.

“I am officially dead, although I’m alive,” Constantin Reliu told the Associated Press via interview. “I have no income and because I am listed as dead, I can’t do anything.”

Further, an emotional Reliu told the news publication that because of what happened to him, he feels a strong urge for revenge against his wife who is now living in Italy. His sad plight also left him broke as he cannot work anywhere as both Turkey and Romania had banned him for life.

Constantin Reliu wants to file a new lawsuit, but he does not have money to do so. He revealed that he is also suffering from diabetes and this makes things harder for him. Finally, his only hope now is that Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, would read his letter and reconsider his country’s decision to ban him.