‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 131 Leaked Image Disproves Goku’s Elimination

Dragon Ball Super is yet to release the final two episodes of the Tournament of Power but spoilers continue to surface on the web. In the spoiler posted by GojiitaAF on Facebook, the title and summaries for Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 made fans believe that Jiren The Grey succeeds to knock Son Goku out of the battle royal arena. Frieza then came out of nowhere to attack Jiren and save the Universe 7 from being completely erased by the two Omni-Kings.

However, the leaked image shared by Yonkou Productions for Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 hinted that Son Goku is still on the fighting stage. The final episode titled “A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell, Goku! Until The Day We Meet Again!” revealed that Son Goku will fall from the arena. Since Dragon Ball Super Episode 127, fans believed that the only fighters left are Son Goku of Universe 7 and Jiren the Grey of Universe 11.

If Son Goku will be knocked out of the arena, Universe 11 will win the Tournament of Power and the Super Dragon Balls, while Universe 7 will be destroyed. However, the summary confirmed that Frieza is still in the battle royal arena. The leaked image may have hinted that he saves Son Goku from being completely eliminated in the tournament.

What will really happen is that Frieza and Son Goku will be teaming up against Jiren in the final seconds of the tournament. Both Universe 7 fighters are wounded and exhausted after an extreme battle with Jiren. As shown in the image, Frieza can no longer transform into Golden Frieza, while using the mastered Ultra Instinct drained Son Goku’s stamina.

However, it’s still expected that Universe 7 will be the one winning the tournament and not Universe 11. As the title suggests, the Tournament of Power could have a miraculous ending unlike what the previous spoilers indicate that Frieza will be the last man standing in the arena and take home the Super Dragon Balls. Dragon Ball Super will not surely let the series end in a boring and predictable way. They could be planning something that will make fans amazed and surprised in the final episode.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning in Japan. The anime is available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

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