WWE Rumors: Daniel Bryan's Contract Contains Surprising Clause, According To 'WON'

Daniel Bryan has about six months left on his WWE contract. According to recent reports, his contract will expire on Sept. 23 according Sportskeeda. That will be about a month after SummerSlam takes place and according to previous reports, Bryan has every intention of leaving the WWE when his contract expires since the WWE won't allow him to wrestle again due to medical concerns. With that said, fans might see Bryan in a WWE ring a lot sooner than anyone expected. Wrestling insider Dave Meltzer answered a fan question on Twitter and revealed that Bryan does not have the no-compete clause in his contract that other talents possess.

The WWE No-Compete Clause

If this WWE rumor is true, that is hugely surprising. Almost all WWE talent contracts have the no-compete clause in their deals. What they state is that a wrestler cannot appear for another wrestling company on television or video until 90 days after their WWE contract expires.

This WWE stipulation dates back to the Monday Night Wars in the '90s when Ravishing Rick Rude appeared on both Monday Night Raw and WCWMonday Nitro on the same night. This was due to Raw pre-taping their events and Nitro being live every week. Since then, the WWE has made sure this could not happen again.

Daniel Bryan WWE contract rumors

Daniel Bryan And His WWE Contract

With that said, if Daniel Bryan's WWE contract expires on Sept. 23, the traditional WWE no-compete clause would keep him off TV for Ring of Honor or another company until Dec. 24. That is right around the time of the ROH year-end event Final Battle 2018, which some thought might be when Bryan Danielson made his ROH return.

However, if there is no non-compete clause in his WWE contract, Daniel Bryan could show up for Ring of Honor immediately after that. He could also make the move to Impact Wrestling (doubtful) or New Japan Pro Wrestling, which is where both Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio both recently signed on to compete.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Daniel Bryan said if he didn't wrestle by WrestleMania 34, he probably wouldn't wrestle again for the WWE. When they offered him a match where he would stand on the ringside almost the entire time and not actually do much wrestling, he rejected the idea.

Both Daniel Bryan and his wife, Brie Bella, have said that he intends to wrestle again. If his contract situation is accurate, as far as Dave Meltzer's claims, expect to see Bryan back in the ring possibly as early as October.