Matt Damon Described As Being ‘Beaten To Death’ As Terry Gilliam Shares Controversial MeToo Movement Opinions

In a new interview, Terry Gilliam reveals that he has some rather controversial opinions about the MeToo movement, as well as Harvey Weinstein. However, while the director, who has worked with Weinstein in the past, may have been sharing his thoughts on what he described as the “mob rule” mentality of the movement, one person he spoke about as being a victim of this mob mentality was Matt Damon, who has found himself facing backlash over his own comments on the situation.

According to Vanity Fair, in a new interview with Gilliam, the director decided to share what he thinks of the MeToo movement, describing it in a way that brings to mind the mob heading for Frankenstein’s castle with their pitchforks and torches. In fact, the director even said that some of the women who have spoken out “didn’t actually suffer” and that there were women who did walk out of Harvey Weinstein’s office without being “sexually abused.” While Terry Gilliam seems to believe that this movement is more of a mob-like experience, he pointed to Matt Damon as being one of the good guys who got swept up into the furor.

In fact, Gilliam indicated that he feels “sorry for someone like Matt Damon, who is a decent human being.” As the director pointed out, while Damon was discussing the many allegations of sexual harassment and abuse that have been so prevalent in Hollywood, he made a point to say that not all men are rapists. However, Terry Gilliam believes that by sharing his opinion, Matt Damon found himself being “beaten to death,” and was ultimately made into a victim of the movement.

At the time that Damon shared his thoughts, he faced a serious backlash over his opinion, which the director believes made the other man a victim of the mob mentality. While Gilliam seems to be upset by the treatment that Matt Damon faced in the wake of his comments, the actor himself has not only apologized for what he said, but as The Verge pointed out, he even said that he wished he had stayed quiet and simply listened to the many women speaking out.

Although Matt Damon has clearly been trying to move past the backlash he faced over his comments, it seems that in light of Terry Gilliam making the actor out to be a victim, he has once more been thrust into the “#MeToo” discussion, which has been on-going since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke last fall.

For now, Matt Damon has not responded to the comments made about him or addressed this latest discussion around the MeToo movement. It remains to be seen if the actor will make a comment about what the director said about him, or if he will continue to stay quiet and allow the women who have spoken out the chance to tell their stories.

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