'Top Chef' Star Padma Lakshmi Wears Red Bikini In Throwback Instagram Photo

Top Chef star Padma Lakshmi wore a red bikini in a throwback photo she posted on Instagram. She showed off her toned body in a post to mark her enthusiasm for it being Friday, the Daily Mail reports.

"Missing summer," Padma captioned the Instagram photo, adding #throwback and #tgif.

Lakshmi posted next to a cabana in a wrapped red bikini top and matching bottoms. She accessorized the look with sunglasses and had a printed scarf that was slightly visible draped down one side of her arm.

As the report notes, the Top Chef host has posted similar images on her Instagram account in the past as she longed for warmer days. She added one of her in a pink one-piece swimsuit while floating in a swimming pool and another in which she was nude, but strategically covering her chest with her arms and crossing her bent legs.

According to People Magazine, the 47-year-old revealed how she maintains her incredible shape despite appearing on a show in which she tastes so much irresistible food. Padma shared in an interview with Access that she consumes at least 7,000 to 8,000 calories a day while filming Top Chef. She doesn't let the weight gain that inevitably comes with the show scare her off, however. She admitted that she eats so much on the Bravo series that she gains weight easier due to her age. Lakshmi said she put on about 15 pounds in Chicago and gained 17 pounds thanks to deep-dish pizza.

Padma Lakshmi stays healthy by committing to a strict diet full of healthy options. She said she's at her "skinniest" right now since she concluded filming the show for a few months. Her clothes range in size from four to 14 from when she was pregnant.

The TV personality said there are "no tricks" to losing the weight, noting that it's difficult. It's all about eating healthy and staying away from alcohol, fried foods, red meat, dairy, sweets, and flour. She will consume low-fat cottage cheese and non-fat yogurt as her only dairy. She eats fish, chicken, vegetables, fruit, and beans. She was raised as a vegetarian in India and America, so she has a penchant for eating plant-based foods.

When Padma Lakshmi is filming Top Chef, she explained that for "legal reasons" she gives herself "license to eat" since it's all part of her job.