Jenna Jameson Urges Mothers To #DropTheCover

Jenna Jameson has given up her superstar status as an adult film star to become an author and mother. It's that latter role that has really opened up the celebrity's eyes, as she's faced with the stigma of another kind: breastfeeding her daughter.

Jenna Jameson Speaks Out For Breastfeeding

As Fox News reports, Ms. Jameson found that there are many reasons to receive public scorn. While many may not appreciate her adult film past, Jenna was recently shamed for doing something most new moms do: breastfeeding. The former adult film actress is currently nursing her 11-month-old daughter, Batel Lu, so the issue hits close to home.

Jenna took to Instagram and posted a photo (NSFW) of herself breastfeeding her infant daughter. The image shows Jameson sitting proudly and looking at the camera as Bagel Lu suckles her breast. While Jameson is clothed in a pink summer dress, the outfit is pulled down to expose her chest.

The intention is to show that women shouldn't be ashamed to breastfeed. Ms. Jameson hopes to inspire other women to defy public hate and perform this natural biological function openly.

Jenna Jameson Shares Her Thoughts on Motherhood

The Instagram post revealed why Jenna feels so passionate about the issue of breastfeeding, according to HuffPost. In the caption for the image, Ms. Jameson reveals that she grew up without a mother in her life and adds that she felt abandoned by her father. It's this troubling past that makes the celebrity want to be a better role model for her own children.

Jameson wrote that becoming a mother has been like answering a sacred calling. She says her heart is devoted to her children and wants to be a good parent for them.

"I pray I am the mother to sweet Batelli that I dream my mother would have been to me," reads one part of the Instagram post.

Jenna closed the post by adding the hashtags #dropthecover and #normalizebreastfeeding. This wasn't the first photo Jenna Jameson shared of herself breastfeeding her daughter. In another Instagram post, she shared an image of herself nursing Batel Lu, while standing in the shower. That post was meant to show that motherhood isn't always as perfect as social media posts imply. The picture was taken after two sleepless nights, as a sick Batel Lu vomited repeatedly.

"We are all in this together," Ms. Jameson captioned that picture about motherhood. "So, here's to all of you selfless mamas out there, you make this world go round."

Jenna Jameson also added the #normalizebreastfeeding hashtag to this post.