Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Michael Avenatti Won't 'Confirm Or Deny' If Trump Physically Threatened Stormy [Video]

Stormy Daniels' lawyer, Michael Avenatti, spoke with the co-hosts of Morning Joe, as seen in the below video. Avenatti answered questions from Mika Brzezinski, who asked if Stormy had been threatened, and Michael confirmed that she had. Next, Mika asked if Daniels had been "physically threatened," and once again, the answer was in the affirmative from Avenatti. Mika next asked if Stormy's life had been threatened, but Michael would not answer that question -- or didn't receive the opportunity to answer -- as other Morning Joe panelists jumped in with questions for the lawyer.

When asked directly if President Donald Trump had issued the alleged threats to physically harm Stormy, Avenatti made sure to state that he would not "confirm or deny" the allegations, not simply "deny" them, as asked. When Avenatti was asked if one of the members whose names have appeared in Stormy's confidentiality agreement had threatened her with physical harm, Michael would not confirm or deny that question as well.

"Stormy Daniels' attorney told me that his client was threatened with physical harm if she did not keep quiet about her sexual relationship with Donald Trump," wrote Mika on Twitter.

Eventually, the Morning Joe Twitter account issued a correction to their own tweet, as seen below, which was corrected to say, "Stormy Daniels' attorney answers Mika's question if his client was threatened with physical harm."

However, the correction was only to correct the wrong wording "asks Mika's question," as it was originally incorrectly written.

Michael told the Morning Joe hosts that he believed it "will become apparent to people when they tune in to 60 minutes... the details related to the threat."

The Morning Joe hosts called the attorney's words a "deep tease" for 60 Minutes, which is scheduled to air Stormy's interview on Sunday, March 25. The news about Michael's response to Mika's two incisive questions -- "Was she threatened in any way?" and "Was she threatened physical harm?" -- is reverberating throughout the web, as can be seen in a plethora of tweets picking up on the story.

When asked, "Will you deny that President Donald Trump physically threatened Stormy?" Michael would not confirm or deny that allegation. In the wake of Daniels' attorney's latest interview, containing allegations of physical threats to Stormy from an undisclosed source, the upcoming 60 Minutes interview is being highly anticipated, noted the Morning Joe hosts.