Laid-Off Man Wins $1 Million

Riley Gunn hasn’t worked since May and he may decide to extend his forced holiday a few extra months as the recently laid off man just won $1 million in the lottery.

According to the Associated Press, Gunn was laid off in May and has been a little down on his luck. But while driving his wife and kids to their home in Southern Oregon after registering for computer programming classes he decided to pull of the interstate to get some corn dogs at the Lil’ Pantry Market & Deli in Merlin.

While there, Gunn got the urge to buy a lottery ticket because he felt sure that he was going to win. So, despite being tight on funds, Gunn decided to buy an $8 Quick Pick Mega Millions ticket and hope for the best.

Well, it paid off. Gunn won $1 million from the lottery.

KPTV reports that he ended up taking home about $670,000 after all the taxes and fees and used the money to buy two new Jeeps. He also donated a tenth of the money to his local church, put a bid on a new house, and plans on using the rest of the money to start his own business.