’60 Days In’ Participant Deliberately Blows Her Cover And Endangers Others In The Program

A&E Channel

60 Days In provides plenty of riveting, edge-of-your-seat drama, and the previous episode was no exception. Aptly titled “Cover Blown,” Colonel Mark C. Adger, the chief jailer at Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail, found himself in an extremely difficult position. After discovering that Angele, one of the undercover participants, told an inmate why she was really in the facility, he realized he had to act fast to protect the remaining undercover inmates. 60 Days In on A&E posted a video to their Facebook page where Adger states his concerns.

“This is an emergency. I have to act quickly to get all the participants out to safety. Word is spreading as we speak.”

In Touch Weekly shared that Angele admitted to telling Gabrielle, an inmate she grew both emotionally and physically close to, that she was a plant in the facility. When Adger confronted Angele, it was apparent that she didn’t realize that her actions could have dangerous consequences. She was quite sure that Gabrielle would not betray her confidence. Angele was immediately pulled from the program, and she agreed to be sequestered. Someone from the 60 Days In crew would stay with her constantly to ensure she wouldn’t contact anyone and further endanger the other program volunteers.

Angele was wrong about her new love interest, and when Adger told her that Gabrielle had told the other inmates that Angele was a plant, she seemed shocked and didn’t want to believe what he told her. He also stated that “news travels fast” in jail, and that he was now forced to shut the entire program down in order to ensure the safety of the remaining participants.

During the season finale, Adger finds himself racing against the clock to safely remove all the participants from the Fulton County Jail before word spreads. Stephanie, the only remaining female inmate, is worried for her safety, and she will most likely be the first inmate pulled from the jail. Nate, who agreed to do another 60 days and had been at the facility the longest, expressed concern that the inmates around him will grow suspicious of him as other participants are being removed so close together.

“I knew as soon as they called my name, this is gonna show everybody I was undercover,” Nate says in the video. “This is dangerous.”

In one of the most shocking season finales ever, the episode titled “Get Them Out” is one that fans of the show won’t want to miss. 60 Days In airs Thursday, March 15 at 10 p.m. ET on the A&E Channel.