Jenelle Evans Allegedly Set To Return To ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Reports ‘The Ashley’

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Jenelle Evans’ husband, David Eason, was recently fired from Teen Mom 2 after going on a homophobic and transphobic tirade on social media. For a while, producers were unsure if they would continue filming with Jenelle, or if she would also be kicked off of the show. However, The Ashley has reported that Jenelle has not been fired and is set to start filming again next week.

The precarious fate of Jenelle’s future on the Teen Mom franchise came after Farrah Abraham was fired for continuing to appear in adult films. Jenelle Evans had continued to support her husband, even after his social media rant, and made several excuses for him. However, fans were upset with Jenelle’s behavior in general, including her decision to be shown with an automatic weapon on the same day as the Parkland shooting. Several fans petitioned brands that sponsored the show to pull out until Jenelle was fired from the MTV show, and several did follow through on their promise. But this allegedly wasn’t enough to get Jenelle Evans fired from the show.

The Ashley also confirmed the story that Jenelle Evans had asked for a filming fee for the production company to film on her land, but have decided not to give in to the request.


The Ashley also states that many of the crew members are scared of Jenelle’s husband, David, and do not want to interact with him any more than they have to. As a result, they will be trying to film Jenelle away from her home as much as possible.

Jenelle Evans has also branched out to start a YouTube series, just like her enemy, Kailyn Lowry. The Ashley has stated that the rumors that MTV was concerned about the YouTube series are totally unfounded and that they are fine with her filming herself on her own time.

The reality TV star is set to begin filming again next week after a brief hiatus due to David’s firing. She has stated that her children, Kaiser and Ensley, will no longer be filmed on the show, however. Thus far, she hasn’t stated why she has made this decision.