Indiana Teen Pleads Guilty To Poisoning 11-Week-Old Niece With Excedrin Tablets Mixed In Breast Milk

Allen County Jail

An Indiana teen who reportedly tried to poison her 11-week-old niece with Excedrin tablets has entered a guilty plea in Allen Superior Court on Monday.

The suspect, identified as 19-year-old Sarai Rodriguez-Miranda, will be sentenced to one count of attempted murder on May 18 and could possibly serve up to 25 years behind bars.

According to The Journal Gazette, the troubled teen told Allen Superior Court Magistrate Samuel Keirns that she “poisoned a baby bottle with a lethal dose of acetaminophen.” She also claimed that she is on medication for anxiety and depression.

Court records obtained by The Indianapolis Star revealed that Rodriguez-Miranda came up with the horrific plan after her brother, his fiancée, and 11-week-old daughter moved into her mother’s Fort Wayne home in January 2017.

Apparently, the mother agreed to let her brother’s family stay longer than expected, which did not sit well with the troubled teenager.

On January 12, the suspect’s mother foiled her deadly scheme after discovering a series of text messages to her boyfriend, detailing exactly how she planned to kill the little girl.

In the text, Rodriguez-Miranda told her boyfriend that she would poison her niece’s breast milk stored in the refrigerator by mixing some crushed pills. She even asked her boyfriend to look up how many milligrams are needed to kill a baby.

“I’m gonna crush up some of these pills since she decided they can stay longer and kill their baby,” the suspect texted. “And I’m honestly not worried about getting caught. Theyre not gunna suspect me.”


In another message, Rodriguez-Miranda sent a photo of a mortar and pestle containing a white powder, which she later put in one of the baby bottles. She then excitedly texted her boyfriend that the bottle of breast milk had been removed from the refrigerator.

“Yeah I thought it was funny that I don’t have an ounce of guilt.”

Fortunately, her mother saw the text messages on the phone, which they shared. The shocked grandmother quickly checked the refrigerator and saw that one of the two baby bottles had a “greenish circle at the bottom” and has a different color than the other one.

The suspect reportedly mixed Excedrin to her niece's milk.Featured image credit: ChutiponLShutterstock

She then took screenshots of the messages, put the bottles in a bag, and found the used mortar and pestle. After taking everything to the police, she immediately brought her granddaughter and son’s fiancée to a hospital. None of them had been poisoned.

Authorities later revealed that the milk contained the equivalent of nine Excedrin tablets — enough to kill an adult.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez-Miranda angrily texted her boyfriend after learning that her niece was okay.

“Why didn’t the baby die dude that’s dumb,” she continued. “They definitely threw it out.”

“I hope she dies. I don’t feel bad about it bc she was destined to grow up…abused.”

The suspect, who fled to Michigan with her boyfriend, was later arrested by US Marshals. She is currently being held without bond.