Coca-Cola says, You Look Fat In Those Jeans

Who would have thought that the same industry that criticized New York City Mayor Bloomberg‘s ban on large sugary drinks (over 16 ounces), would now “join” the fight against obesity?

Beverage juggernaut Coca-Cola has announced that it plans to begin spreading the message of responsible drink consumption through its latest campaign to help thwart unhealthy weight gain. The company is believed to be reacting to recent criticism from the Center for Science in the Public Interest, which linked the maker of Sprite with obesity and diabetes.

The Atlanta based company that told us all to to “have a Coke and a smile,” now calls obesity “the issue of this generation.”

Their first ad, “Coming Together” which rolled out onto YouTube days ago, appears to be more a defense of the company’s actions regarding obesity than anything else, touting that the soft drink giant offers “over 180 low and no-calorie choices” and donates to fitness programs run by the Boys and Girls Club of America. The company has also said it plans to run a few fat-fighting ads during the Super Bowl and sponsor some fitness classes.

So how has the Center for Science in the Public Interest responded to the latest campaign? In an official statement from Director Michael F. Jacobson, he’s calling the new move “just a damage control exercise, and not a meaningful contribution toward addressing obesity. What the industry is trying to do is forestall sensible policy approaches to reducing sugary drink consumption.”

You can see the new ad “Coming Together” below: