Jilted Boyfriend Murders Ex-Girlfriend And Decapitates Her After She Denied Him Sex

A headless corpse belonging to a woman was found inside the bedroom in her home in Odessa, Ukraine. The heartbreaking part is that it was her parents who discovered the brutal scene. According to local reports, the woman, identified as Anna Ergieva, was murdered by her boyfriend after she refused to sleep with him.

The Ergievas decided to visit their 29-year-old daughter when she no longer answered her phone. Upon arriving at her house, they discovered that their girl had been murdered, yet her head was missing. The distraught father, Valeriy, discovered the grisly scene in which decapitated Anna was lying on the floor, in her own pool of blood. Everything is bloody, even the TV, Valeriy told local media, as reported by The Sun.

Anna's parents then called the police to search the crime scene but her head was nowhere in sight. Later on, police were able to locate where the victim's head was. It was found stuffed in a bag and buried nearby. The suspect, Anna's ex-boyfriend, also stuffed some jewelry inside the bag. Police said that an alarm button was found beside Anna's headless body, suggesting that she may have tried to call for help before getting killed.

A man kills his ex-girl and chops of her head for rejecting his advances.

Police have now apprehended the suspect who was also Anna's former classmate. A photo of the suspect was not made available by authorities but reportedly, he has been sentenced to life in jail.

The suspect didn't go down with a fight, though, when he was about to be arrested. As reported, he attacked officers and also attempted to slash his wrists. The unnamed suspect, who was a local chef, later on, admitted to the crime saying he was filled with rage when Anna didn't want to have sex with him.

Anna, who was a businesswoman selling children's toys, and her ex had been chatting online prior to the horrific murder. He then decided to pay her a visit. The lover started to make a move on Anna but she didn't welcome his advances. When he felt rejected, he described to officers that he saw red and that's when he pulled out a gun and shot the woman in the head.

The suspect decided to cut off Anna's head in hopes that police won't find the bullet. He then put the head along with jewelry inside the bag and buried it.