January 4, 2016
Taylor Swift Wears 'Blue Breakup Dress' In 'Out Of The Woods' Video: Is The Song About Harry Styles?

Taylor Swift has a new and much-anticipated video for "Out of the Woods," which, according to Billboard, was premiered in front of millions of people at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest on Thursday night. This is Swift's sixth video from her 1989 album, and it was filmed on location in New Zealand. The video is truly epic.

Entertainment Weekly reports that according to Joseph Kahn, Taylor Swift's director for the video, she was incredibly devoted to her art and making the video. He posted about her strength and dedication on Twitter.

The words at the beginning and the end of the video are mysterious in their own right.

"She lost him. But she found herself. And somehow that was everything."

These words, the rest of the lyrics, and the blue dress Taylor Sift is wearing in the video have people questioning the inspiration of the song. The Mirror reports that the dress looks like the same blue dress she was wearing when Harry Styles broke up with her on the yacht. Many fans think it is the same dress and are questioning the choice, the song, and whether Taylor Swift is truly over Styles.

However, Taylor Swift has moved on. She has been dating Calvin Harris for a few months now, and while her video was premiering in New York, she was ringing in the New Year with her man in Las Vegas. Us Weekly reports that Swift enjoyed the evening with Ruby Rose of Orange is the New Black at the Omnia Nightclub while Harris got his DJ on at the venue.

Ruby Rose captured some of their fun on video, as she and Taylor Swift wore tiaras and made faces as the night went on.

"When @taylorswift looks perfect in a feather tiara and I look wrong.. But HAPPY 2016!!!!"

Swift really has been enjoying her time off, which she deserves after seven straight months of touring. She vacationed in Colorado over the holidays, with Harris and her family, and she even posted a pic of her, Harris, and her brother posing with the snowman they built.

"Really proud of ourselves over here."

Billboard reports that Taylor Swift has also followed through on her promise to release her documentary The 1989 World Tour, which is now streaming exclusively on Apple Music. There are some fascinating moments in the video, such as when Swift talks about how she managed to bring some of her special guests onstage.

"Some of the special guest appearances were planned months in advance. I would reach out and I'd say, 'I love your music. Here's the schedule, here are the tour dates. Whichever one you want to come to, we'd love to have you.'"

There are loads of brilliant scenes from the tour on the video and awesome post-credit fun where Taylor Swift talks about what she might do in 2016.

"Maybe I'll just eat carbs for the next seven months. I don't have to wear any crop tops."

Surely Taylor Swift will do more than just eat carbs in the coming months. Her fans won't be able to last too long without her.

[Image via DFree/Shutterstock]