St. Louis School Shooting: Suspected Gunman Shot Himself

3:44 UPDATE – Police statements indicate that the victim shot a man in his late 40s, KMOV notes. The suspected gunman reportedly shot himself in the chest but is still alive and now in custody.

Today is registration day at the Stevens Institute of Business and Arts. The college is reportedly a small school focused on skilled trade instruction.

Both the victim and the suspect were reportedly transported to SLU Hospital. The suspect allegedly did not suffer fatal injuries when reportedly shooting himself in the chest at the small St. Louis college. The condition of the victim is currently unknown.

The Stevens Institute of Business and Arts building has been evacuated, and SWAT units are now inside checking the building. Multiple law enforcement agencies and firefighters remain on the scene.

A woman named Jackie who owns a tea room next to the St. Louis college told Fox News that a man who had been in the elevator with the gunman said the man was angry with the victim, who was a financial adviser at the college. The supposed witness statements about the identity of the victim have not yet been confirmed by law enforcement.

A school shooting has been reported at the Stevens Institute of Business and Arts on Washington Avenue in St. Louis. At least two people have reportedly been injured by the gunman. Two men were brought out of the building on stretchers, according to breaking news reports on Fox News. One ambulance left quickly, the other remained idling in front of the St. Louis school. The suspect is believed to be a 21-year-old man, shot himself at the scene, according to St. Louis Today.

More details about this breaking St. Louis school shooting will be posted as they become available.