Facebook Graph Search Debuts, Goes Into Late-Stage Beta Testing

Facebook Graph Search was announced on Tuesday, and the social network’s newest offering looks to bridge the gap between the content we regularly see in our news feeds and the information we actually want.

Unlike Google, Bing, and other search engines, the Social Graph search feature is used to find specific information from a user’s account, specifically relating to their own posts and the posts of their friends and family members.

Currently only available in English, the program is being offered in beta form to a “limited number” of Facebook users.

While Facebook will likely create a more robust system in the future, the first release of Facebook Graph Search specifically focuses on four different search areas, people, photos, places, and interests.

The new Facebook Graph Search option will appear as a larger bar at the top of every page.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was quick to note that the new search feature will only show content that users already have access to in their regular Facebook feeds.

To learn more about Facebook Graph Search and sign up for the waiting list, you can visit here.

Various different search queries can already be performed using the Facebook Graph Search including the following list from SocialNewsDaily:

• Friends who live in my city
• People from my hometown who like running
• Friends of friends who have been to Disneyland
• Personal trainers who live in San Diego and like cycling
• People who like things I like
• People who like basketball and live nearby
• Photos I like
• Photos of my family
• Photos of my friends before 2000
• Photos of my friends taken in Las Vegas
• Photos of the Eiffel Tower
• Restaurants in Chicago
• Cities visited by my family
• Indian restaurants liked by my friends from India
• Tourist attractions in Paris visited by my friends
• Restaurants in San Francisco liked by chefs
• Countries my friends have visited
• Music my friends like
• Movies liked by people who like movies I like
• Languages my friends speak
• Action games played by friends of my friends
• Movies liked by people who are film directors
• Books read by CEOs

Facebook has also released a nice video which showcases what Facebook Graph Search can accomplish: