Kanye West Spotted With Pink Hair In Wyoming

Kanye West seems to have been keeping a low profile lately; the rapper reportedly reactivated his Instagram in February after a long break from social media. According to XXL Magazine, West has dyed his hair pink. The report stated that Kanye was seen wearing a red hoodie, posing with a young fan, with freshly-dyed pink hair. The report claims that during this same period last year West dyed his hair platinum blond. The entrepreneur also dyed his hair blond with pink accents in December 2016, according to the report.

The fashion designer last performed during an Adidas NBA All-Star event in Los Angeles on February 17. Kanye's next TV appearance will be on an episode of Celebrity Family Feud, which will put his family up against the Jenner's. Kanye West is considered a genius by many, and according to Fader, Elon Musk recently mentioned Kanye as his inspiration. Musk made the pronouncement during a panel at South by Southwest while contributing to the discussion about HBO's Westworld.

According to Complex, Kanye West was spotted in Wyoming probably working on a project. The report cites rumors about the rapper being secluded on a mountaintop working on another album. The producer was seen taking pictures with a fan in Jackson, Wyoming. Travis Scott has also been spotted in Jackson probably working on new music with West, the report claims.

The report on Complex also noticed the rapper's new pink hair which matches Kim's. The multiple-award-winning rapper was rumored to be spending a lot of time in Europe last year leading to speculations about problems in his marriage to Kim Kardashian. However, those rumors have been proven untrue as the rapper and Kim have not shown any signs of problems.

Apart from inspiring billionaires, Kanye West has been actively promoting his businesses, including his fashion line. The rapper has participated in both the Paris and New York fashion week to promote his Yeezy line. When it comes to Kanye, expect anything. The new pink hairdo by the rapper is sure to attract some attention. Many will be speculating the meaning and purpose of the new hairdo. However, the tendency for the rapper to put out something unique occasionally could make many curious about the purpose of the pink hair.