Jill Duggar Compliments Pregnant Jinger Duggar’s Maternity Style In Jeremy Vuolo’s Instagram Photo

Jill DillardInstagram

Jill Duggar recently showed her younger sister Jinger a little sisterly love. The two Duggar girls’ fashion choices have been attracting a lot of attention as of late, but Jill just proved that there’s no sibling rivalry over who is the most stylish sister. She used social media to let Jinger know that she’s a fan of one of the younger Duggar’s latest maternity looks, a dress that would meet their family’s strict modesty standards.

On Sunday, Jinger Duggar’s husband Jeremy Vuolo shared an Instagram photo of his pregnant wife that was snapped during their trip to Los Angeles. The Counting On stars were posing with Jeremy’s preacher pal Austin Duncan, his family, and their pet golden retriever Dodger. Duncan is the college pastor at Grace Community Church, the parent church of the Laredo, Texas, church plant where Jeremy preaches.

“Jinger and I enjoyed a lovely afternoon in the hills of Los Angeles with @revaustintduncan and his beautiful family. And yes, Dodger is such a good boy,” Jeremy captioned the photo.

Jill Duggar responded to the picture by lauding her sister’s maternity style.

“Jinge! You’re so gorgeous!” she wrote.

For her L.A. outing, the younger Duggar rocked an empire waist dress with a white short-sleeved bodice and a red skirt. Jeremy also shared a photo of his wife wearing a denim jacket over the dress earlier in the day.

Jill and Jinger seem to share a similar sense of style these days, so it should come as no shock that the older sister loved her younger sibling’s look. They’ve both rocked shorter skirts than fans are used to seeing Duggar women wear, and they’ve also traded their flip-flops and flat sandals for high heels. However, it’s their embrace of skinny jeans that has received the most attention.

As reported by Romper, Jinger was the first Duggar sister to delight fans by wearing pants. Jill soon followed suit, and her decision to introduce skinny jeans into her wardrobe was also celebrated. Both girls had only worn skirts and dresses before making the style switch. To some fans, their newfound fondness for pants was significant because it signaled a willingness to reject some of their family’s legalistic religious views. One such belief is Michelle Duggar’s insistence that God wants women to dress in “feminine apparel” like dresses and skirts, not pants and shorts.

While Jill and Jinger Duggar might love breaking their parents’ rules by rocking pants, they still occasionally wear dresses that would meet their family’s modesty standards. Jinger’s red and white maternity dress is a perfect example because it covers up her knees. According to CafeMom, this is a must in Michelle’s book.

Jill Duggar’s response to Jeremy Vuolo’s Instagram post disproves the speculation that she and Jinger are feuding over fashion. According to In Touch Weekly, some fans think that the sisters are competing with one another to see who can be more stylish. However, it’s now clear that Jill simply admires her younger sister’s fashion sense. She’s not trying to steal Jinger’s style; she’s just paying her the ultimate compliment by dressing more like her.