Kandi Burruss On Kenya Moore's Husband, Marc Daly, And Their Relationship

So far, viewers of The Real Housewives of Atlanta have not seen Kenya Moore's new husband, Marc Daly, make an appearance on the show. Nor have any of the housewives met Marc, prompting some of them to question whether Kenya's relationship is real and if she's really married. Kim Zolciak in particular has been very vocal with her skepticism regarding Kenya's marriage. On one episode, Kim even declared, in front of Kenya, that no one would ever meet Marc because he, and his marriage to Kenya, was fake. Yet there is one housewife who has spent time with Kenya and Marc socially: Kandi Burruss. In a video interview with Bravo's The Daily Dish, posted on Bravo's website on Sunday, Kandi gave her impressions of Marc and his relationship with Kenya.

Kandi said that she finds Marc to be a nice yet no-nonsense type of guy. Maintaining that Marc really loves Kenya, Kandi also warned that anyone who wants to "throw shade" at Kenya shouldn't do it when Marc's around. In what seems to be a hint of what's to come on Real Housewives, Kandi teased that "it may be interesting."

"I mean I haven't hung out with Marc with the group that much. I've hung out with Marc, my husband and Kenya. I haven't seen him really be around the housewives. He's really nice. He's a no-nonsense type of guy from what I can see. But he's really nice, he's really cool and he LOVES Kenya so the girls, and you know everybody that wants to throw shade at Kenya, don't do it around Marc. It may be interesting."
Kandi also revealed that she first met Marc when he went to her and her husband's restaurant. Kandi said that Marc and her husband, Todd Tucker, bonded over the restaurant business.
"Yeah when we first met Marc, he came to OLG the first time we met him, Old Lady Gang. And, you know, it sparked a conversation between him and Todd about the restaurant business and the dos and the don'ts and the pros and the cons, whatever."
When the interviewer asked Kandi Burruss whether the food at Marc's restaurant in New York City is delicious, Kandi, who confirmed that she has been there a couple of times, said that the food is good.
"Well the food is good and it's a good atmosphere. It's fun. It's just a nice, like the vibe of the restaurant, is just nice so I liked that."
Despite not having shown up on The Real Housewives of Atlanta yet, Kenya Moore and her marriage to Marc Daly has been a hot topic of conversation among the housewives. Kenya explained that she didn't invite anyone to her wedding and initially kept her marriage a secret because she didn't want any criticism or skepticism ruining everything. Kenya has also said that Marc is very protective of her and doesn't like the drama that comes along with being on the show. At one point, after getting into an argument with some of the housewives during a charity trip to Houston, Kenya, who had retreated to a bathroom but still had her mic on, even yelled to a show employee that such drama was the very reason why Marc didn't want her to be involved with it.

Later, Kenya missed the group's trip to Barcelona. While Kenya herself gave no clear explanation given for her absence, it was hinted that she decided to forgo the trip in order to spend more time with Marc.

A preview for the rest of the season does show that viewers will eventually see Kenya introduce Marc to everyone during a gala of some sort. Speaking in front of a crowd, Kenya introduces Marc as her "loving husband."

"So without further ado, my loving husband. I love you Marc."
Kandi Burruss isn't the only housewife to have hung out with Kenya and her husband socially in recent days. About a month ago, Cynthia Bailey posted a photo to her Instagram page showing that she visited Marc and Kenya at his restaurant in New York City.As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kenya Moore's other co-star, NeNe Leakes, said that TheReal Housewives of Atlanta viewers will get a "glimpse" of Marc Daly on an upcoming episode. NeNe also gave her opinion that Marc's good for Kenya and has changed her a lot.