Air Force Veteran And Two Sons Dead On Missouri Hiking Trail

Hiking is usually a naturist’s preferred pastime. It gets you out of the house, reveals the beauty of nature again, and unfortunately sometimes the weather turns on you.

That’s what happened to Air Force Veteran David Decareaux and his two sons while hiking the Ozark trail. The three got lost while hiking on a desolate Missouri hiking trail amid unexpected low temperatures, says

David Decareaux, 36, and his 8- and 10-year-old sons were found a day after they ventured out with their 4-month-old yellow Labrador retriever on the Ozark Trail, about two hours drive from St. Louis, Reynolds County Sheriff Tom Volner said.

Decareaux died on the trail, and after hours of efforts to revive the boys failed, they were declared dead at a hospital. Volner said authorities believe the cause of death was exposure to the elements. Autopsies are still being planned.

Good news, though: The dog found near them survived.

After Decareaux got a civilian job at Scott Air Force base, he and his family had recently moved to the area. Decareaux and his sons had been staying with his wife Sarah and their three other children at a nearby lodge.

A passerby had spotted the hikers more than three hours into their journey and asked if they needed a ride back to their lodging, stated FOX News. But Decareaux had declined, sure that they would make it back and would be fine. The Sheriff commented:

“They just missed their turn back to the lodge. By that time, their light played out. You don’t have any ambient light down here because there are no cities or towns. When it’s dark you can’t see the back of your hand.”

Ozarks hiking trail

Keith Hartrum, Decareaux’s father in law said:

“Dave was a great guy, a good father, son-in-law and husband. Those two boys were just precious — smart, very nice kids.”

RIP, David Decareaux.