Scott Foley Lands Major Arc On ‘Scandal’

Scott Foley will be appearing on Scandal for a “major arc” at the end of this season.

Foley, who previously had a supporting role in Grey’s Anatomy, is the latest inhabitant of “Shondaland” to cross over from one series to another, but his role is being kept very secret for the time being. What is known is that the current election fraud and assassination attempt storylines will be resolved by episode 13, which will air on February 13, and then a new arc will be in play for the season’s last nine episodes.

On Grey’s Anatomy, Foley played Henry Burton, a patient suffering from Von Hippel-Lindau disease. Burton can no longer afford his medical care, so he marries Dr. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) in order to use her health insurance. He ends up dying during heart surgery.

After his character was killed off, Shonda Rhimes raved about Foley.

“We’re so in love with Scott Foley,” she said. “And we would’ve kept him [on Grey’s] if we could.”

Before Foley, others who have crossed over into Scandal include: Jeff Perry (Cyrus Beene, President Grant’s chief of staff) who played Thatcher Grey, father of Meredith, Lexie, and Molly Grey; Kate Burton (Vice President Sally Langston), who played Ellis Grey, Thatcher’s ex-wife and Meredith’s mother; George Newbern (Charlie the assassin), who played Brian Reynolds in Private Practice, and Dan Bucatinsky (James Novak, Cyrus Beene’s husband and a reporter), who played Jeffrey in Grey’s Anatomy.

Foley’s transition into Scandal comes two months after Fox halted production on the comedy TheGoodwin Games, in which Foley played Henry Goodwin.

Are you excited to see Scott Foley on Scandal?