Jaimie Alexander Teases Her Love For ‘Blindspot’ From Hospital Bed

Actress Jaimie Alexander recently had a bad turn of luck when her appendix ruptured unexpectedly. As she shared news of the incident with her followers on Instagram, Jaimie also took the opportunity to tease the airing of an episode of Blindspot, revealing that the episode is a personal favorite for her. If nothing else, this goes to show Alexander’s dedication and love for the long-running NBC series.

Jaimie Alexander is Doing Well Following Ruptured Appendix

While it was undoubtedly a scary experience, Entertainment Tonight reports that Jaimie Alexander is doing well after being rushed to the hospital for the ruptured appendix. The actress, who has been starring on NBC’s Blindspot as Jane Doe for the past three seasons, is still recuperating, but was feeling well enough to share a photo from her hospital bed.

“Hey guys! Appendix ruptured but am on the mend!” Jaimie captioned the image.

The picture shows Ms. Alexander dressed in her hospital gown with an IV sticking out of her arm.

The caption to the picture suggests that Jaimie is in good spirits, considering the circumstances, and is excited for fans to see this week’s episode of Blindspot. She wrote that the episode, titled “Everlasting,” is one of her favorites and that she hopes fans will share her love for the story. Also included in the caption was a shout-out to Ashley Johnson, who guest starred in the episode, and Jaimie boasted that Johnson gave a “phenomenal” performance.

More from Jaimie Alexander’s Hospital Bed


People reports that the Blindspot actress had shared more from her hospital bed earlier in the week. In one such photo, Jaimie can be seen enjoying a cup of tea while laying in her bed. For that photo, she embedded the text “cheers to my appendix” and added a green “sick” emoji. While she was still feeling unwell at the time that picture was taken, Ms. Alexander still used the opportunity to send love to her fans.

“Happy Thursday,” Jaimie simply captioned that image.

Previously, Jaimie Alaxander said that she’s learned important life lessons from her Blindspot character. Particularly, the actress admires the way the Jane Doe character takes things as they come without dwelling on what might happen in the future.

“Anything you have coming your way, good or bad, just take it one day at a time,” said Jaimie Alexander in an earlier interview. “You don’t have to worry too much about what’s to come or what has been, you just focus on the present situation.”

The next episode of Blindspot airs on Friday, March 16, on NBC.

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