Walmart Employee Finds Child’s ‘Book Of Rules’ In Parking Lot

When we think of children, we usually imagine a complete disregard for the rules and endless discipline that we wonder if it will ever sink in. One child, however, has embraced the rules of life and has been writing them down as he learns them.

A Walmart employee in California is seeking to reunite a child with a book of rules and advice more useful than most literature meant for the child’s age, says Dentistry IQ. Raymond Flores found this incredible book while scanning the parking lot of the Citrus Heights Walmart store for empty carts. After reading a few of the pages, Flores realized the book was more than interesting.

Flores commented on the book:

“Don’t get into other people’s business. Don’t call each other names. Clean up your messes. No eating other people’s food. One hundred eighteen is don’t keep saying please if someone says no … I like that. They put a lot of hard work into it. These rules mean a lot to them and probably to the parents, as well.”

Other rules listed in the book included:

“Ware [sic] your seatbelt,”

“Resicle [sic],”

“Put your shoes by the front door when you take them off.”

Child's book of rules

Flores also mentioned:

“Rule number 154 was to protect this book.”

According to FOX News, now Flores is on a mission to emulate the child and his comic book superhero Batman, and find its rightful owner.

Anyone with information about the author or the book is asked to email FOX 40‘s Sonseeahray Tonsall at