A murderer on Twitter? Either one demented person, or a very viral campaign

I am almost reluctant to write about this given that it is indeed a real account and the facts are right I wouldn’t want to be seen as promoting the Twitter account of what appears to be a murderer. However if this turns out to be an attempt at some sort of attempt at a viral marketing campaign it’s brilliant.

The account I am referring to goes by the name dinner_guest and was first discovered by TechCrunch Europe then followed up by Zee at The Next Web tech blog. The account first shows up on November 10th with a typical innocuous first message:


With the exception of the last one the rest of the messages for that date are maybe a little strange but give no indication of the road these messages will start to go down. Remember these are reverse chronologically posted messages.


The last message of the day however is a totally different matter as we can begin to see the darkness start to come out.


The following day, November 11, saw the following posted to the account page


The following day we get a lesson on shrinking heads


Personally I am really hoping that this is really just some marketing campaign of some sort because to be honest the alternatives … well that is just sickening.