‘Dancing With The Stars’ 2018 Cast Rumors: Adam Rippon In Talks To Compete On Show, Reports ‘Naughty Gossip’

Marcio Jose SanchezAP Images

Rumors about the Dancing with the Stars 2018 cast rage on as the first season of the year approaches. According to Naughty Gossip, figure skater Adam Rippon is in talks to compete on the all-athletes edition of the show that premieres at the end of April.

An anonymous source tells the gossip site that Rippon is “at the top of the list of celebrities that the show wants” as a contender on Dancing with the Stars Season 26. The insider added that Adam is “enjoying his newfound fame and is very interested in joining the show. He loves performing and loves dancing but most of all he loves a sequined costume. This is the perfect fit for him.”

In addition to this scoop, the source claims the real reason that Adam Rippon declined NBC’s offer to appear as a correspondent for the remainder of the Olympics was because of his involvement with ABC and talks to be on Dancing with the Stars.

Rippon appeared on the world stage last month in PyeongChang at the 2018 Winter Olympics. He was part of Team USA in winning the bronze medal for the team event in figure skating. The 28-year-old appealed to the masses with his personality and being openly gay.

Rippon’s choreographer, Benji Schwimmer, thinks it would be “awesome” if the show considered taking him on as the skater’s dance partner. Benji’s sister, Lacey Schwimmer, has appeared as a pro dancer from time to time on the reality program and was Chaz Bono’s partner in 2011. Benji told Entertainment Tonight in February that he and Adam could be the first same-sex couple on Dancing with the Stars.

Adam Rippon was named by Dancing with the Stars casting director and co-executive producer, Deena Katz, as a potential candidate for Season 26. She recently told 11 Alive that others being looked at are also Nathan Chen, the Shibutanis, and Mirai Nagasu. Katz admitted that she could easily fill the cast roster with just figure skaters, but will feature athletes from a variety of sports.

Katz shared that when she watched the Olympics she was constantly changing up the cast list based on fan appeal. It’s important to get contestants that the public has shown admiration for. Viewers want to experience the journey of their favorite athletes as they compete for the Mirror Ball trophy.

Other names fueling rumors over who may appear on Season 26 are Chloe Kim, Ester Ledecka, Maddie Rooney, and John Shuster.

The official cast of Dancing with the Stars 2018 will be announced the week of April 9 and the show premieres on Monday, April 30, at 8 p.m., ET/PT on ABC.