Alexa’s Creepy Unprovoked Laugh Raises Questions On How Far AI Has Developed — She’s Laughing At You

It is described as “creepy,” the spontaneous laugh coming from Alexa when there is no reason at all for her to laugh. Her eerie chuckling is waking folks up in the middle of the night or interrupting them while doing something as mundane as attending to chores in the kitchen. The laughter is described as a rather spooky experience, but most of all it is leaving folks with an unsettling feeling.

Jimmy Kimmel tackled this bizarre laugh that Alexa has demonstrated lately by having the technology on his show. According to BGR, Alexa’s laugh was hilarious and creepy, “especially for those folks in the audience who believe that AI is going to get rid of humans in the not too distant future.”

Geek Wire asks, is this “machine learning or laughing?” Its “unprovoked chuckle” is freaking people out, and while it is one thing to know that Alexa is listening to you as you chat, now it appears that Alexa is “laughing at what she hears.” This conjures worries over just how advanced this piece of AI has evolved.

The “Ha, ha, ha, coming from Alexa” is being described by Geek Wire as sounding like Alexa with “four glasses of wine.” Some of the people who were laughed at by Alexa asked her why she was laughing and her response led them to believe she knew what she was doing.

Geek Wire writes, “No one told us machine learning would lead to machine laughing.” The short mocking cackle that folks have reported hearing has appeared to add more fuel to the fire of the conspiracy theories that AI has moved into new territory. Some Twitter users are reporting that along with that unprovoked laugh coming from Alexa, there’s another event happening that may indicate AI has gone beyond what is expected.

While some have reported that Alexa has stopped responding to requests, others are reporting that their Amazon Echo suddenly began listing names of local funeral homes and cemeteries in another unprovoked event from artificial intelligence, raising more concerns of just what AI is capable of, reports KTLA.

Voice assistants have been welcomed into people’s homes as a fun and quick way to get information. Some may consider it a trusted family friend which sits on the kitchen counter. The eerie laugh that suddenly flowed out of Alexa has creeped out folks, and apparently, the sudden pointing out of local burial services has raised questions of AI taking on a life of its own.

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