Mackenzie Edwards Responds To The Claim That She And Ryan Edwards Lost Custody Of Their Children

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Yesterday, it was reported by the Facebook group “Teen Mom Talk” that Ryan Edwards and his wife, Mackenzie, had lost custody of both of their respective children. Mackenzie Edwards, however, made a statement to Radar Online denying that this ever happened.

The “insider information” alleged that Ryan had failed a court-ordered drug test in order to see his 9-year-old son, Bentley. It also stated he had attempted to use fake urine in order to ensure that he passed, but the bag exploded, making it obvious what he was doing. The Teen Mom OG dad was accused of having various drugs in his system, including meth, Xanax, and Klonopin. The “insider information” also alleged he had lost his visitation rights to see Bentley and that Mackenzie Edwards was now only allowed to see her son, Hudson, once per week as a result.

However, Mackenzie Edwards spoke to Radar Online exclusively and told them that none of this was true. Instead, she said, Ryan was actually sitting right next to her.

She went on to say she felt it was disgusting that people would say something that has “no merit” and that if Ryan had failed a court-ordered drug test, he would currently be in jail.

Oh boy... you give me premature ventricular contractions ????

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As for the claim that Mackenzie Edwards has lost custody of her son, she also denied this was the case. Radar Online checked with her local court jurisdiction and confirmed that there are no new filings in her custody case and that nothing has changed about her custody over Hudson.

Mackenzie also told the outlet that they were both at the reunion taping on March 3, which will air at the end of the season in just a couple of weeks.

It is currently unknown where the rumors came from, as they have been presented as “anonymous tip-offs” from “insiders.” Although Mackenzie denies that Ryan has relapsed, fans criticized him for drinking before tying the knot and being obviously slightly tipsy as he exchanged his vows. Although alcohol is not Ryan’s drug of choice, it is still risky to allow an addict near any mind-altering substance.