‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Victoria Kills JT – Controlling Ex Drives Her To Homicide

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The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal the clock is ticking down on JT Hellstrom (Thad Luckinbill). The actor-producer’s run on the CBS soap was limited from the get-go and is almost at an end say new spoilers. JT is spiraling out of control, and with his rumored funeral coming by the end of the month, the question of how JT dies is all-important. New spoilers tease it might be Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) that is responsible for her ex-husband’s death.

Vikki Caught, JT Implicated

New Y&R spoilers for this week from Soap Central promise that Vikki gets defensive when evidence begins to crop up that she’s tied to Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) and the leaked Newman documents. Vikki sent JT to “discover” the file that Jack left for him to find and the investigator will be furious. He has no idea that Vikki is playing him as a pawn in her game against Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson). JT is already on edge and this will push him over.

On Thursday’s episode, Vikki has lunch with Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) and reveals that JT criticized her diet and is taking charge of many areas of her life. Nikki is concerned, but Victoria dismisses her mother’s worry. Neither realizes the signs of obsession are red flags of a health crisis that leads to Victoria killing JT in a confrontation. Victor gets the goods on Victoria. Y&R rumors hint that he fires his daughter and JT by the end of the week because he unknowingly helped her scheme.

JT Rages As Vikki Wrecks Their Lives

Young and the Restless spoilers from Soap Central indicate a coming confrontation between Victoria and Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) who’s back in town and spoiling for a fight. Abby wants to punish her sister for attacking Ashley and cheers on Victor when he kicks Victoria to the curb. Recent Y&R spoilers from Soap Hub tease that Victoria was shocked by JT’s controlling behavior, but she doesn’t realize how bad things are as he’s getting more angry and intense by the day.

Vikki was so busy plotting against Ash that she didn’t see the warning signs. When both are fired, JT snaps. There promises to be an epic fight between the exes that will ensure JT is done for and the poor guy is dead and buried by the end of the month. If you don’t know your Y&R history, JT has a bad ticker because he was electrocuted as a young adult. He’s also been popping pain pills like they’re Tic Tacs but the meds won’t help his upcoming crisis.

YR's Thad Luckinbill and Amelia Heinle
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Victoria Blamed For JT’s Death

While Young and the Restless spoilers are vague on exactly how JT meets his maker, Victoria will play a major role in his death. As JT’s health condition reaches a critical point, he loses it and attacks Victoria while belittling and verbally abusing her. Behind-the-scenes sources and leaks from Daytime Confidential revealed months ago that JT would abuse Victoria and it’s finally about to come true. But when Vikki fights back, JT’s struck down, and life will never be the same.

The fight starts out as verbal abuse, but when things get physical, everything unravels. Victoria fights back against her ex, and his heart gives out. Vikki feels responsible for his death because he collapses while they were arguing, even though he was the one abusing her. Plus, since JT was working undercover for the GCPD, expect Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) to suspect JT’s death was homicide rather than natural causes. Paul may accuse Vikki of killing him in revenge for his spying on the Newmans.

Thad Luckinbill Return Had A Shelf-Life

In an interview with Michael Fairman, Thad Luckinbill said, “I am definitely here for awhile” but that was in mid-December and his time is almost up in Genoa City. With three films on his to-do list as a busy Hollywood producer, Luckinbill never intended to stick around Y&R for too long. Now it seems JT will go out with a bang with a funeral set for the 45th anniversary of the soap and many guest stars set to appear at the milestone event.

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