President Trump’s ‘Paternity Information’ In Stormy Daniels’ NDA Discussed On MSNBC By Stormy’s Lawyer [Video]

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

The details of Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit and non-disclosure account are making it into the public eye and being disseminated. Although the White House claimed that Trump “won” arbitration against Stormy via a restraining order, Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, considers the document not valid, as reported by the Inquisitr. Michael also called Sarah Sanders’ statement about arbitration being settled in the “president’s favor” as laughable as Avenatti claiming he won an Oscar. That’s what Michael said on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.

According to Mediaite, Avenatti spoke with O’Donnell about a number of things, even though he wouldn’t directly answer Lawrence’s question about the NDA’s claims that Stormy turned over the one and only image she allegedly had of Trump. Michael said that when Stormy is free to speak about such matters, she will tell her whole story at the appropriate time.

Avenatti spoke with Today on Wednesday, telling Savannah Guthrie that he knew whether or not Stormy possessed images and text messages created by Trump, but he would not divulge that information in public, saving that opportunity for his client to reveal, as reported by the Inquisitr.

By Thursday, references to “alleged children” and “paternity information” in Stormy’s NDA were getting traction on Twitter, with O’Donnell asking Michael about “paternity information,” as well as Stormy being asked to “divest herself of any and all artistic media, impressions, paintings, video images, still images, e-mail messages, text messages, Instagram message, Facebook posting, or any other type of creation by DD,” short for David Dennison, which is Trump’s alias.

Avenatti told Lawrence it had been a long day of interviews for him, and Lawrence thanked him for appearing on the show.

On Thursday, Lawrence published the below tweet, noting that every journalist should question Sanders about Stormy, with every question centered around Daniels.

Meanwhile, mentions of Stormy attempting to be blocked via her NDA from talking about Trump’s “alleged children” and “paternity information” has Twitter running wild with theories about why the NDA would include language concerning, as O’Donnell put it, “all private information relating to or pertaining to Donald Trump, including… paternity information.”

“Are you aware of your client having anything to say about paternity information involving Donald Trump?”

Avenatti welcomed Stormy to speak out “freely and honestly and openly to the American people” when she was legally allowed to do so. Social media, however, is already bringing up theories about alleged abortions and the like, as seen in the below tweets.