‘Dragon Ball Super’ Teases ‘Miraculous Conclusion’ In Final Episode

There are only two episodes left before the Tournament of Power and the entire Dragon Ball Super series comes to an end. The final battle between Universe 7 and Universe 11 continues to get intense with Son Goku mastering Ultra Instinct and Jiren The Grey finally using his real power. Unfortunately, fans need to wait for a longer time to watch the next episode as DBS will having a break this week.

In the preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 130, the fight between Son Goku and Jiren will reach a higher level. It will give fans more insight into how powerful the mastered Ultra Instinct is as well as the hidden power of the strongest mortal. In the previous spoiler posted by Ken Xyro, the upcoming episode with the provisional title “The One And Only Super-Decisive-Battle!” will air on March 18.

This could be the climax of the epic match that will determine who will win the Tournament of Power. Todd Blankenship recently shared the finalized title for Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 – “A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku.” Though the spoiler is not accompanied by a plot summary, fans can’t help but speculate on what will happen in DBS finale.

The word “miraculous” could be a major hint that the Tournament of Power won’t end in a simple and predictable way. One fan predicted that both Son Goku and Jiren will try to knock each other out of the battle royal arena. Son Goku will be eliminated first and the Universe 11 Pride Trooper will follow. If this will be the case, Jiren and the Universe 11 will be declared as the winner and receive the Super Dragon Balls. However, the fan speculated that before the winner is announced, Frieza will show up, resulting in Universe 7 to claim victory.

No one has seen Frieza since Dragon Ball Super Episode 127. Some fans believe he’s only hiding and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. However, a previous Inquisitr article speculated that the Universe 7 evil warrior died after Son Goku and Jiren unleashed an incredible amount of power.

Meanwhile, the word “farewell” made some fans believe that Son Goku will be the one dying in the end. As everyone knows, Son Goku is already at his limit and the continuous use of Ultra Instinct puts his life at risk. Expect more speculations to circulate until the plot summary for the final two episodes of Dragon Ball Super comes out.

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