Dorothy Bruns, Accused Of Killing Two Kids While Running A Red Light, Has 12 Prior Traffic Violations

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Mayor Bill de Blasio wants Dorothy Bruns, the woman who mowed down two mothers in Brooklyn, killing their toddlers, arrested and stripped of her license for good. De Blasio, who lives in Park Slope, said that as a member of the community, the laws which allowed Bruns to still be behind the wheel need to be reexamined, says Newsday.

“This should never have happened, she should never have been allowed to be driving a car… I share the frustration of many of my community. I wish she was under arrest right now. I certainly believe that measures need to be taken to make sure she will not drive a car anymore.”

Dorothy Bruns Has A Long List Of Driving Infractions

The accident took place on Monday afternoon when Bruns crashed her Volvo into pedestrians, killing Abigail Blumenstein, 4, and Joshua Lew, 1, who was in a stroller. The children’s mothers, Broadway star Ruthie Ann Miles and Lauren Lew, were also injured. Miles, also known as Ruth Ann Blumenstein, was pregnant.

The Volvo registered to Dorothy Bruns had over a dozen violations since July 2016, including four from a speed camera in a school zone. It is being alleged that Dorothy Bruns suffers from some sort of seizure disorder, but soon after the accident, she was photographed texting while on the ambulance stretcher.

De Blasio said that if Dorothy Bruns indeed had a seizure disorder, then it was her responsibility not to drive.

“God forbid you have some sort of impairment; you shouldn’t be driving… at least there have to be clear standards of what you have to do to report it and what action needs to be taken once you report it, and if you don’t report it what happens to you and I don’t think that’s the case right now.”


A Neighbor Of Bruns Says She’s Had A Heart Attack And A Stroke

The New York Daily News says that Dorothy Bruns is still facing two manslaughter charges for the deaths of the two toddlers. As of today, Bruns has been stripped of her license by the NYPD, and there is an investigation to determine the details of the illnesses that Bruns, 44, is said to suffer.

A neighbor of Dorothy Bruns, Mark Torres, said he has seen her around their building, and she cannot even stand up straight.

“I don’t think she [Bruns] should have been driving, the way she looked. She was hunched over, walked slow, slurring her words. She had a few strokes and a heart attack within a year.”

Bruns was hospitalized after the crash occurred where she dragged the stroller and then crashed into a parked car.


Dorothy Bruns Has Not Officially Been Charged With Anything

A source close to the case says that despite her record and the severity of the accident, Dorothy Bruns has not officially been charged.

“The case remains open. Usually, in cases like these, the DA and (NYPD) arrest the driver for manslaughter. That still could happen.”

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said he believes that Bruns had a medical emergency at the time of the crash.

“We believe that she [Dorothy Bruns] had a seizure. It’s a real tragedy, but we have to make sure that this woman should have been driving in the first place.”

Lauren Lew is still hospitalized, and Ruthie Ann Miles, who is pregnant, is still in critical condition. City Councilman Brad Lander of Park Slope said that he’s glad that Brun has finally lost her driving privileges.

“One small step that should have happened many months ago. But glad it’s done. We also have work to do to make sure that people with abhorrent driver’s records like this have their licenses taken away before they can kill our kids.”