March 7, 2018
Kate Middleton's Fingers Take On A Life Of Their Own In The Media -- 'Odd' Digits Pointed Out In Photos

Kate Middleton is usually front and center in the headlines for fashion, an act of goodwill, or helping her future sister-in-law with her acclimation into the Royal Family, but today, there's something else about Kate that folks are talking about -- her hands. More precisely, the fingers of her hands have created a buzz online.

It seems the digits on Kate's right and left hands are taking on a life of their own in the media through no fault of her own. All Kate is guilty of is holding a clutch purse in her hands that seemed to highlight the odd length of her fingers. Social media users have a lot to say about this, but a theme that seems to be emerging points to something rather simple, like -- who cares?

Apparently, someone does because her hands are not only making the headlines but they are conjuring up much chatter and debate across the social media sites, reports AOL News. One Twitter user's sarcasm points out the obvious --"sure kids are getting shot up in schools and the worldwide community is silent on the refugee crisis and nuclear war is imminent but DO TELL ME about Kate Middleton's uneven fingers."

The hoopla over Kate's fingers started when a picture of her emerged online and through no fault of her own, someone noticed the "odd length" of her fingers. Her middle three digits are seen as the same length as she holds both hands in front of her. With both hands on the purse, her fingers were somewhat highlighted in the picture against the backdrop of the black clutch bag.

It seems Kate's middle finger, ring finger, and pointer finger are all the same length, or it looks as if this is the case in the picture. Whether or not this picture is a true representation of the length of Kate's fingers or just an odd glitch in a photo, the folks online are going crazy over it.

According to The Sun, scientists claim it is unusual for those three middle fingers to be of the same length. There are all types of reported outcomes from the various studies about people with their index and ring fingers being the same length.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology study suggests similar ring and index finger lengths are associated with good memory. People are also more likely to be married with same length ring and index fingers, suggest the medical journal Evolution and Human Behavior. They also suggest that they are at a greater risk getting of anxiety and depression.

Social media folks seem a bit dismayed as to why Kate's fingers are making headlines, as seen with some of the tweets below.