March 7, 2018
'Teen Mom OG' Facebook Groups Say Ryan And Mackenzie Edwards Have Lost Custody Of Both Of Their Children

Several Facebook groups, including "Teen Mom Talk" and "Teen Mom Fix" have been reporting that they've received an anonymous tip-off that both Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards have lost custody of their children. An anonymous Facebook post has been making the rounds, detailing the alleged reasons why the pair are no longer allowed to see their children. The post was originally reported on "Teen Mom Talk."

Fans of Teen Mom OG know that Ryan Edwards, father of Bentley Edwards and Maci Bookout's ex, went to a rehab facility to get clean. He stated on the show that his drug of choice was heroin, though some have suspected other drugs in his system.

According to the anonymous tipster, Ryan failed a court-ordered drug test that he had to take before seeing his son, Bentley. The post also states that not only did he fail, but he also had other drugs in his system including cocaine, meth, Xanax, and Klonopin. The report also states that he attempted to use fake urine to pass his drug test, but ended up dropping it on the floor. As a result, Ryan has been allegedly sent to rehab, but his wife, Mackenzie Edwards, is allegedly saying that he's driving a truck on the road in order to cover it up.

Because of this incident, the anonymous tipster says that Ryan has lost his ability to visit his son, Bentley.

The tipster also claims that Mackenzie Edwards, who was also a teen mother herself, has lost custody of her son, Hudson, and is only allowed to see him once a week with a supervised visit at her in-laws' house. The father of their son, her ex-husband, is allegedly hoping to make this a permanent situation.

Although this information was posted on "Teen Mom Talk," they have stated that at this stage, all of these statements are alleged and no concrete facts have been presented to confirm or deny the story. However, fans also noted that Ryan's parents neglected his drug habit for years and pretended everything was fine before finally admitting that he had a several thousand dollar a month heroin habit.

Ryan Edwards was also criticized for drinking before tying the knot with Mackenzie Edwards.