March 7, 2018
'Black Panther' Star Michael B Jordan Sends Sweet Message Of Support To Tiny Erik Killmonger Fan

Michael B. Jordan has already proven that he is more than just a movie star. The Black Panther actor recently made headlines after he took on an internet troll who tried to shame him for living with his parents and being an anime fan. However, Jordan has once again outdone himself when he sent a sweet and uplifting message to a young fan who had reached out to him.

There is little doubt that Michael B. Jordan's portrayal of Erik Killmonger earned him thousands of adoring fans. After all, the Black Panther villain was somehow relatable despite the fact that he almost killed Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa. Interestingly, adults were not the only ones who fell in love with Jordan while watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe flick. An eight-year-old boy from Georgia also thought the world of the actor when he saw Killmonger in action.

According to Knox News, a young mother named Jenaiya Coleman had recorded her son Adonis Wolfe as the eight-year-old spoke about his admiration for Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther. The child even believed that Jordan's character in Creed has been named after him. Coleman thought it was a great video and decided to send it to the Fruitvale Station actor.

Michael B Jordan As Erik Killmonger in Black Panther

Much to Coleman's surprise, Michael B. Jordan sent her son a thank you video in response. In addition to that, Jordan recorded an awesome message for your Adonis Wolfe.

"You can be whatever you want to be — a doctor, engineer, lawyer, mechanic, biologist. Whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve."
In addition to the supportive message, Michael B. Jordan told little Adonis Wolfe to "listen to your mother and do all your work, especially your schoolwork." He may play a mean villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but Jordan certainly knows how to keep his priorities straight in real life.

Little Adonis Wolfe is not the only young fan that Michael B. Jordan has been reaching out to in the past week. The Black Panther star recently tweeted in response to a girl who reportedly snapped her retainer when Erik Killmonger took off his shirt in the MCU flick. Jordan stated that he feels "partly responsible" for causing the damage and offered to replace the destroyed appliance.

Black Panther is still showing in theaters worldwide.