Father And Adult Daughter Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex In Their Backyard In Full View Of Neighbors


Justin Bunn and his daughter are behind bars after neighbors called police to say that the two were having sex in their backyard.

The bizarre incident happened this week in Panama City, Florida, where 39-year-old father and his 19-year-old daughter, Taylor, were taken into custody after the call to police, the New York Post reported. When officers arrived, the father and daughter allegedly admitted that they were having intercourse but said it was an isolated incident.

The case has made headlines across the country, attracting viral attention for the unusual charges and their apparent confession to the crime.

This is not the first time that a father-daughter couple has been arrested. Earlier this year, 42-year-old Stephen Pladl and his 20-year-old daughter, Katie Pladl, were arrested for allegedly having a love child together last year. As Fox News reported, the father and daughter had actually planned to get married.

Katie had been put up for adoption at birth and moved away, then tracked down her father in 2016, the report noted. Katie moved in with Stephen and his family, and at that time his marriage fell apart, the report noted. Stephen’s ex-wife later told police that Stephen would sleep on Katie’s floor at night.

Later, when Katie became pregnant, Stephen reportedly told his daughter to refer to Katie as their stepmother.

The ex-wife said she believed that Stephen manipulated his daughter into the illicit relationship. Both Stephen and his daughter were jailed on $1 million bond, the report noted. In Florida, Justin and Taylor Bunn received a much smaller bond, with Justin’s being set at $5,000 and Taylor’s set at $1,000.

In another case to make the news in recent weeks, a 31-year-old man was arrested on charges that he sold his 14-year-old daughter for sex. As Fox News reported, Steve Marks allegedly agreed to sell his daughter for $17,500 to a family in Illinois for a common-law marriage to a man three years older than her.

The girl was reported missing, prompting an investigation, and when another person with the Illinois family tried to hide her, she was able to escape and call the police..


Justin Bunn and Taylor Bunn face charges of incest for allegedly having sex in their backyard. A judge has also ordered them to stay away from each other, the Miami Herald reported. No further details have been provided.