Jennifer Aniston Did Not Bribe Justin Theroux With Cash To Hide Her ‘Dark Secrets,’ Reports ‘Gossip Cop’

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Rumors that Jennifer Aniston wants to get Justin Theroux to hide her allegedly “dark and deepest” secrets by bribing him with cash is fiction rather than fact, according to Gossip Cop. The reports related to this story began about a week ago, when Radar Online claimed that Justin was warning Jennifer that he would pen a “scathing tell-all” in which he would unveil Aniston’s “dark secrets.” Theroux was alleged to have cautioned Jennifer that if she decided to fight “dirty,” he would respond with a detailed memoir that included her dirty laundry.

Jennifer Aniston Not Trying To Purchase Justin Theroux’s Silence

Building on that story about the tell-all, Radar Online recently published a follow-up alleging that Aniston has decided to write a check to Theroux in exchange for agreeing to a “clean breakup that will buy his silence forever.” In the wake of Justin’s and Jennifer’s split, there is no reason for him to stay quiet and not give interviews or write about their past, pointed out the source quoted by Radar Online.

Therefore, Aniston allegedly decided to cope with the potential for Theroux to reveal her secrets by bribing him. The money is described as a way for Jennifer to “remedy” her worries about what Justin might reveal.


The insider also claimed that Theroux told Aniston he won’t dish on their past, but she allegedly doesn’t trust him.

“[Justin Theroux has] promised he has no intention of kissing and telling, but Jen doesn’t want to leave anything to chance.”

However, both the allegations that Theroux had warned Aniston that he would retaliate with a tell-all if she fought dirty and the claims that Jennifer wants to bribe her estranged husband with “hush” money are false, according to Gossip Cop.

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Stay In Touch

The allegations from Radar Online‘s source don’t stop there. The supposed insider also claimed that Jennifer thinks that giving her estranged spouse hush money will “draw a line under everything and give him the chance to start afresh in New York with his new life.” The source also alleged that Theroux needs the money because he doesn’t earn enough to sustain his lifestyle. In reality, Jennifer and Justin have a combined net worth of $240 million.

Jennifer Aniston isn't bribing Justin Theroux to keep her secrets.
Jennifer Aniston isn't bribing Justin Theroux to keep her secrets. Featured image credit: Hoo-Me.comMediaPunch/AP Images

As for the claims that Aniston and the actor are so estranged that they communicate only through “lawyers and mutual friends,” that allegation also is not true.

“[Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux] still talk all the time.”

Even though it is true that Jennifer and Justin have split, Gossip Cop‘s sources are emphasizing that Aniston’s and Theroux’s relationship has stayed intact, and they remain friends. As for Jen stressing about Justin telling “dark secrets,” the supposed source never listed a single tidbit to be revealed. Aniston’s rep told Gossip Cop that the entire tale is “just another fabrication.”