Ronald Exantus: Deranged Burglar Allegedly Shouted ‘Clean Your F***ing Room’ As He Stabbed 6-Year-Old To Death


Ronald Exantus reportedly broke into the home of a Kentucky family at random and stabbed a 6-year-old boy to death while shouting “clean your f***ing room,” prosecutors claim.

The man is on trial for the murder of 6-year-old Logan Tipton, who was asleep in his family’s Fayette County home just before Christmas in 2015, when Exantus allegedly broke into the family’s home. As Lex 18 reported, the boy’s father tried to fight off the attacker before realizing that his son had been fatally wounded. Dean Tipton said he gathered his son in his arms when he saw that the young boy had been stabbed with a butcher knife.

The boy struggled to breathe, Tipton told jurors at the trial this week, and closed his eyes about 10 seconds later.

“He died in my arms,” Tipton said.

The boy’s sister, who is now 13-years-old, also took the stand and told jurors that she awoke to see Ronald Exantus stabbing her brother in the head with a butcher knife. It was the young girl who called police to tell them, “we have a robber in my room.”

The scene of the gruesome crime was described as chaotic and emotional. Police body camera footage was shown at the trial, showing police trying to rush the boy to the hospital and an officer calling Exantus a “piece of s**t,” Lex 18 reported.

Lawyers for Ronald Exantus claim that the man was mentally ill and suffering delusions. He did not deny he committed the murder. A doctor testified that the man was hearing voices and showing odd behavior before the boy’s murder, Lex 18 reported. Lawyers claim that Exantus suffered brain injuries from concussions he suffered during years playing football.


Police said Exantus was lucid while being interviewed after the murder, WKYT reported. Police also said that Exantus, a former nurse, yelled out CPR instructions to officers who were trying to revive the mortally wounded boy.

There was no connection between Exantus and the Tipton family. Attorneys said it was not clear what made the man drive from Indianapolis to their home or to choose their home to break into.


Ronald Exantus faces life in prison if convicted of murdering the 6-year-old boy.