North Korea Willing To Freeze Nuclear Missile Test

South Korea Defense MinistryAP Images

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has revealed to South Korea that under his administration, their country is willing to begin talks with the United States on denuclearization. Kim further revealed that the Northern Peninsula will suspend all weapons tests during their forthcoming negotiation with the United States of America.

South Korea’s national security chief Chung Eui-Yong revealed that after their meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the North has finally agreed to refrain from conducting any nuclear and missile tests in the days to come, reports The Guardian.

Chung added that Pyongyang also expressed their wish to talk with the United States in a hope to normalize their relations with Washington, D.C.

“The Northside clearly affirmed its commitment to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and said it would have no reason to possess nuclear weapons should the safety of its regime be guaranteed and military threats against North Korea removed.”

In April, both North and South are going to hold a joint summit to further discuss the matter.

“The North expressed its willingness to hold a heartfelt dialogue with the United States on the issues of denuclearization and normalizing relations with the United States,” the statement read.

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In the last few months, North Korea has been warned by several world leaders to put a stop to its nuclear tests.

The nuclear tests, some of which failed at the time of launch, made many believe that this is how the greatest war of this generation will begin.

After North Korea’s November missile test, American Defense Secretary Jim Mattis revealed that American analysts are constantly working on understanding the capabilities of North Korea’s nuclear missiles.

Apparently, this is not for the first time North Korea has shown that they are heading for peace. Back in January 2018, ahead of the Winter Olympics, North Korea’s state-run media announced that their country is building a tourist place that will bring visitors from all around the world.

Reuters revealed during that time that the announcement of building a “world-level” holiday project is aimed to gain goodwill on the international level.

It is still not revealed when the leaders of North Korea will sit with American leaders to talk about nuclear missile tests.

As many know this for a fact that throughout the first year of his presidency, President Donald Trump remained extremely vocal when it came to North Korea and their leader, Kim Jong-un.

During a meeting with the nation’s governors at the White House on February 25, Donald Trump said the talks with the North Korean government will only occur “under the right conditions.”