Amazon Instant Video Launches For Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii owners were disappointed when Amazon Instant Video was announced for the Nintendo Wii U but not their older console. Now Amazon has released a new app that brings its video library to the Nintendo Wii.

Under terms of the deal, Amazon Instant Video will deliver more than 145,000 movies, documentaries, and TV episodes to Wii users. Customers who pay $79 per year will have access to 33,000 titles during Monday’s soft launch.

Along with delivering movie and TV titles, Amazon Instant Video for the Nintendo Wii also provides Whispersync, a technology that allows users to pick up exactly where they left off from any other Amazon Instant Video enabled device.

Much like the Netflix app for the Nintendo Wii, the new Amazon offering provides simple navigation with Recently Watched, Watchlist, Genre Recommendations, and Your TV Shows options.

Also included via the Amazon Instant Video app are Parental Controls and Kid Zone title lists.

The Amazon Instant Video app is available now for free via the Wii Shop Channel.

The $79 cost of entry provides one year worth of Amazon Instant Video service and free 2-day shipping on Amazon supplied items from the web portal.

Will you be viewing Amazon videos from your Nintendo Wii?