Alicia Keys Accused Of Throwing Shade At Kelly Clarkson & Adam Levine On ‘The Voice’

Alicia Keys is being accused of throwing some major shade at her fellow coaches on The Voice. After Season 14 of the NBC singing show debuted last week, some viewers are claiming that Alicia appeared to throw out a pretty serious dig in her co-stars’ directions, particularly calling out Kelly Clarkson, who has a notoriously strong vocal range, and Adam Levine, who’s also renowned for his strong vocals.

According to Buzzfeed, fans weren’t exactly happy with the “No One” singer after footage resurfaced on social media a few days after the episode aired that showed Alicia telling a contestant she felt as though she was the only coach who had a similarly powerful vocal range to him.

In a clip shared by Twitter user @1Tarig, Keys can be seen telling a contestant during the Blind Audition rounds, “I definitely feel I’m the one that can sing in the vicinity that you just sang in” while trying to convince them to join her team over Team Kelly, Team Adam, or Team Blake Shelton.

Buzzfeed then shared screen captures of a number of confused looks Clarkson appeared to pull in response to Keys’ remark, which many fans are claiming was some subtle shade from the R&B superstar, as she and Kelly are famous for their powerhouse vocals.

Adam — the frontman for Maroon 5 — also appeared to take a little offense to the comment, hitting back, “I’ve got a high voice for a dude.”

A number of Twitter users were then quick to chime in, with many accusing Keys of throwing a whole lot of shade at Clarkson and Levine beyond the usual playful banter the coaches have on the NBC series.

“[Alicia] was not only being rude… but she was wrong – Kelly has a great range, & Alicia saying she’s the only one ‘who can even sing in the vicinity’ of him, was straight up shade,” said @karlbooton, as @My_Libra01 added, “Alicia Keys was wrong for that.”

“How could ANYONE suggest they can sing with more range than @kelly_clarkson?” a fourth Voice fan then hit back after Alicia’s comments during the two-night premiere resurfaced. “Oh hell no @aliciakeys #shade @NBCTheVoice #TeamClarkson #wtfAlicia #RUDE.”

However, another denied that Alicia’s comment was her way of putting her fellow Voice coaches on blast and claimed that she was instead speaking about the contestant’s vocal style rather than his range.

“Y’all I think she was referring to his soulfulness and growling, not the range,” Twitter user @_RobMoss hit back alongside an eye-rolling emoji.

Others also denied that the singer’s remarks were full of shade.

“She did not shade on anyone there. She gave her opinion on her ability and what she felt she could do,” another said in response on social media. “Every season someone says something similar to the contestants during this period.”

Keys hasn’t yet publicly commented on the drama that stemmed from her recent remarks on The Voice’s two-night premiere. However, the star certainly hasn’t been throwing much shade in her fellow coach’s directions in interviews.

In fact, the “In Common” singer has done little but gush about Kelly, Adam, and Blake when asked about her return to the show after last appearing on Season 12 in 2017.

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Alicia was asked about working with Kelly on the show and had nothing but sweet words for her new co-worker.

“I love her in a way, I just never knew that she has all this amazing personality. It’s great to see her shining,” the star said when asked about Clarkson amid fans accusations of a whole lot of shade during The Voice’s most recent premiere. “She has that country twang, but she also has this other back home, down the road, take your earrings off and beat you up thing.”

Alicia, Adam, and Kelly have also teased that they’re actually forming an alliance this season in an attempt to block Blake from winning The Voice once again.

The Voice Season 14 airs on NBC on both Monday and Tuesday nights.

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