Jimmy Hoffa Tip Could Actually Be Credible This Time, Experts Say

A Jimmy Hoffa tip that comes from a convicted mobster could be the key to finding the body of the missing Teamsters’ boss, police in Michigan believe.

Anthony Zerilli, 85, recently told New York’s NBC4 that the body of Hoffa was buried in a field in Michigan about 20 miles from where he was last seen on July 30, 1975. While there have been many Jimmy Hoffa tips in the past that yielded nothing, police think this time there might actually be come credibility to the information.

Zerilli claims that the mobsters who murdered Hoffa put his body in a shallow grave with the intention of moving his body to a different location. They later decided it was too risky and left him where he was first buried, in a field in Oakland County, Michigan, Zerilli claims.

“I’m as certain as I could possibly be,” Zerilli told the station. “If I had money, I’d like to bet a big sum of money that he’s buried (there).”

Authorities believe there’s some credence to Zerilli’s Jimmy Hoffa tip as well. Former US attorney and chief of the Eastern District of Michigan’s Organized Crime Strike Force Keith Corbett told CNN that there are very few people who would know more about Hoffa’s disappearance than Zerilli.

But it isn’t all altruism for Zerilli in leading authorities to where he believes Hoffa is buried. He also said he wants a payday from his Jimmy Hoffa tip and is working on a book and website, hoffafound.com.