Demi Moore Takes Mud Bath At Bikini Boot Camp In Mexico

Demi Moore celebrated New Year’s Eve having a mud bath at a bikini boot camp in Talum, Mexico.

According to OMG, Moore spent her Christmas vacation in her bikini at the Amansala resort in Talum. Moore did Yoga, Zumba dancing, meditation, and, of course, a mud bath.

A spokesperson for the boot camp said that Demi was looking beautiful when she arrived and probably didn’t need a boot camp to get in bikini shape.

The spokesperson wrote on Facebook:

“(Demi Moore) put all the twenty and thirty year old women to shame and showed us she still has got it going on!!”

Moore may have already been in bikini shape when she arrived in Mexico, but the Hollywood star was definitely in need for a mental break. Moore is in the process of finalizing her divorce from Ashton Kutcher and had a little bit of a breakdown this December.

But things are looking up for Moore. The star is currently dating restaurateur Harry Morton, and, according to anE! Online source, she is reportedly “in a really good place at the moment and is hopeful about the future.”

Here’s a photo of Demi Moore taking a mud bath. (You can see more photos here.)

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