Falling Mirror Kills Two-Year-Old Girl In Payless While Trying On Shoes With Her Mother

Payless Shoe Source is investigating just how a mirror fell on top of a toddler in one of their Georgia stores. When emergency responders arrived they found two-year-old Ifrah Siddique severely injured from the mirror toppling on top of her.

Payless is working with the local authorities in attempting to understand the “nature of this incident,” reports Fox News. The mother of the little girl was out shopping for shoes for her family when the mirror fell on top of Ifrah.

According to reports, the little girl was pronounced dead at the hospital. Preliminary reports indicate she died from internal bleeding and losing a “substantial amount of blood.”

The Payless store where the little girl was fatally injured is located in Riverdale, Georgia, off of Highway 85, reports Time Magazine. The 911 call came in around 8 p.m. on Friday night requesting first responders to come to the Payless store. When they arrived they found little Ifrah Siddique in serious condition.

She was rushed to the Southern Regional Medica Center, where she was pronounced dead from her injuries. A family member who spoke to reporters described the family as being in a “state of shock” and they were wondering why that mirror wasn’t secured in the first place.

Payless is a family shoe store, so children do frequent their stores. The child’s father, Mohsin Siddique told Fox News, “I feel dead like I am no more … that was my little girl.”

The Daily Mail had a little more of the details of this little girl’s last minutes in their article today. They report that little Ifrah was trying on shoes at the time the mirror fell off the wall. The mirror “smashed on her head,” they report.

It was a “mounted full-length mirror” that fell from the wall and onto the little girl. The Daily Mail reports that the police are calling this death an “accident.”

The picture of the little girl was posted on Twitter by Lauren Pozen of local WSB Atlanta News. Along with a picture of the area of the store where this horrific tragedy occurred. That tweet is seen below.


The heavy mirror was mounted on the wall and it is unclear how the mirror came off its mount and toppled on top of the two-year-old. Time Magazine was issued a statement by Payless:

“Our deepest sympathies go out to the family of Ifrah Siddique during this time of incredible loss. We are devastated by this tragic event and are fully cooperating with authorities to research and understand the nature of this accident. Out of respect for the family, no further information will be provided at this time.”

The crash of the mirror was so loud that it was heard in the store next door to Payless. Latisha Culpatrick, who works in the Metro PCS store adjacent to Payless, said she ran to the store and called the police as soon as she heard the crash.

When she got there the mother of the little girl was screaming and people were crowded around the door, she told reporters. Culpatrick described the scene as, “It’s just tragic.” Police did not make a comment after a request for one was made by Time, but the magazine reports the investigation is underway as to how this event could happen.