Hey, Girl: Feel Free To Swoon Over Ryan Gosling’s ‘Gangster Squad’ Interview [Video]

Ladies: Ready for yet another reason to fall in love with Ryan Gosling? Men: Ready for yet another reason to wish you were Ryan Gosling? The heartthrob actor’s most recent interview for Gangster Squad will have many doing both in equal measure.

Gosling’s adolescent charm is never more apparent than in his Gangster Squad interview with MSN TV‘s James Rocchi. The playful Gosling started by making it clear that he’d much rather talk about Rocchi’s recent sit-down with actor Sylvester Stallone than talk about Gangster Squad.

“You were with Stallone yesterday? What? I would like to spend our interview talking about Sylvester Stallone … can’t I have it my way, just once?”

He turned the interview on Rocchi, asking how tall Stallone is, and calling back to the interview regularly as Rocchi humorously struggles to move on.

Gosling also admitted that he had lied in a recent interview when he said his period clothing for Gangster Squad was uncomfortable, saying that he had no idea why he’d say that and blaming it on Starbucks.

The interview then shifted to what constitutes proper attire when interviewing a celebrity, with Rocchi insisting that he likes to dress nicely when he sits down with guests. He specifically stated that he wouldn’t dream of showing up to an interview in a “Boba Fett hoodie,” which Gosling thanked him for.

Lastly, Rocchi asked Gosling about the weirdest thing that happened to him in 2012. Gosling paused and thought about the question deeply for several moments. With a mischievous eye, he tossed the ball back to Rocchi. “Can you go first?” he asked.

Here’s Gosling’s swoon-worthy not-so-Gangster Squad interview. Enjoy!