Roy Moore Is Now Broke And Begging For Money On Facebook, People Are Sending ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ Instead

Joe RaedleGetty Images

Roy Moore is now broke and begging for money on Facebook.

But social media seems to have a different offering — thoughts, and prayers.

The controversial former U.S. Senate candidate has still not conceded his loss in last year’s special election, even as Democratic opponent Doug Jones has been sworn into Alabama’s Senate seat. Moore has continued to rail against the media and his perceived enemies, blaming them for his loss and now for his deteriorating financial situation.

Moore, who had been accused of dating young teenagers and acting in a sexually inappropriate manner with them when he was in his early 30s, took to Facebook to plead with supporters to send him money to help with a civil suit brought by one of his alleged victims, who accused Moore of publicly smearing her.

“I now face another vicious attack from lawyers in Washington D. C., and San Francisco who have hired one of the biggest firms in Birmingham, Alabama, to bring another legal action against me and ensure that I never fight again,” Moore posted on Facebook.

That legal action is being brought by Leigh Corfman, who accused Moore of touching her inappropriately when she was 14. Moore’s campaign vehemently denied the allegations and called Corfman a liar. As NY Magazine noted, Corfman is not seeking money from Roy Moore, only a judgment against him, an apology, and promise that he will not defame her again.

In his message to supporters, Roy Moore wrote that he is under attack from “the Washington establishment, the Republican Party, the Democrat Party, the ultra-liberal media and people such as George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and many others who fear the truth.” He said it has taken a toll on him and his family.

“My resources have been depleted and I have struggled to make ends meet, but I have not lost my faith in our God, who is our true source of strength and will never leave or forsake us,” Moore wrote.

But Roy Moore’s pleas for money to help his legal defense has brought a much different reaction. Instead, many of Moore’s opponents have offered “thoughts and prayers,” poking fun at the response of Republicans to tragedies like the school shooting in Florida by providing no real solutions.

This is not the first time that Roy Moore has pressed his supporters for cash. As Fox News pointed out, Moore has sent several emails to supporters since his election loss, asking for funds to mount a legal battle to the results and for his own personal lawsuits.