Audrey Roloff Accused Of Bragging And Being Un-Christian In Post About Breastfeeding

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Audrey Roloff still can’t shake off her detractors. The Little People, Big Wold star recently shared her breastfeeding experience as baby Ember Jean is about to hit the six-month mark but despite saying she respected other mothers’ experiences, one person still took it upon herself to feel slighted and accused Audrey of bragging and not acting like a true Christian.

Audrey shared a photo from their recent trip to the doctor for her daughter’s six-month checkup and talked about her experiences breastfeeding Ember Jean, according to Romper. The 26-year-old mother said she’s in disbelief that it’s been six months since she “labored through the night and brought our precious baby into this world.”

“I am honestly so thankful for those wristband rolls, plump [cheeks] and squishable thighs,” Audrey said.

Audrey mentioned they were told she couldn’t breastfeed exclusively because of “all the issues” in their first few months, including an on-and-off bout with mastitis. Despite such problems, Audrey happily announced she’s been nursing Ember exclusively so far.

“Here we are hitting the 90th percentile on pure mama milk,” Audrey said.

Audrey added a disclaimer that she wasn’t trying to put down other mothers who took or were forced to take a different route regarding breastfeeding.

“This post is not to discourage anyone whose journey looked different than mine.”

Audrey explained that she was only thanking God for allowing her to achieve her goal of breastfeeding Ember Jean exclusively.

“I’m simply praising God for fulfilling this desire of my heart. Breastfeeding is a blessing, but I understand that’s it’s not always a choice.”

“Rock on mama. Don’t compare your story to mine or anyone else’s. ‘Consider it joy’ for wherever God has you on your motherhood journey,” Audrey said.

One follower accused Audrey of bragging about her breastfeeding accomplishments despite her efforts to prevent such controversy. Even worse, the disgruntled fan not only questioned Audrey’s character but also brought up her faith in the conversation.

“You are so dang full of yourself,” Michelle Callahan wrote on Facebook. “I would think based on your ‘Christian Life’ you might have heard of humility!! Get a real life and get off your dang high horse!! You are just an average person!!”

Audrey has yet to respond to the accusations, but a number of other followers defended the reality star.

Funnily, a short exchange between Callahan and another follower didn’t exactly go the irate fan’s way.

“A pretty face is nothing if you have an ugly heart,” Diane Howard said.

“Yep and she does,” answered Callahan, thinking Howard was criticizing Audrey.

“I was talking about you,” Howard told Callahan.

“I am beautiful inside and out and don’t need to preach a bunch of bull to others to try to be famous,” the critic retaliated.

The basher further said it’s “painfully obvious” that Audrey is always bragging, which supposedly shows what the LPBW star is “so insanely insecure about.”

“[Audrey is] using the fact she married a reality TV personality. She is everything anti Christian.”

“No, no she isn’t,” Cheryl Nagel said. “She’s a woman who likes talking about her life and her baby!!”

Other people thought the problem lies with the critic and her supposed issues, not with Audrey.

“Usually the level of hostility exposes deep jealousy. What are you jealous of? Your’e [sic] clearly intimidated and unhappy with her happiness. I hope you get well soon,” Nagel said. “Oh… you’re just angry and hateful. My mistake. Lol.”

“No she is just [an] arrogant little girl, trying to be famous!! Yuck yuck yuck,” the critic replied. “No I’m loving and real.”

A few others pointed out that if she doesn’t like what Audrey is sharing, she could simply unfollow her.

“If you don’t like what this beautiful mother has to say about her beautiful baby girl then don’t read none of her post[s] because she is very Thankful for what God is Allowing her to do with her life an I applaud her for all she does,” Angela Sosa said.

“How dare this mother ‘brag’ about her first, perfect, healthy baby!!! Leave the page. You have no business even being on it. And you know she actually is famous right? Like on TV,” Nagel further said.

“Oh my gosh, what did she do to you? How can you be so mean to someone who does what mothers did in the past exclusively? My mom raised and breastfed 5 children, my Grandmother 8 children. It is so much healthier and a great bonding experience. You know you need to mind your own business, if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all” Pfordt Karin said.

Unfortunately, Callahan wouldn’t back down and insisted Audrey is “a fame monger” who makes her sick.