Lily The Black Bear Gives Birth In Front Of A Webcam [Video]

Lily, a black bear, gave birth to two cubs in front of a den webcam. The Wildlife Institute in Minnesota shared the Lily Den Cam video which shows the black bear rolling onto her back and giving birth to two more cubs.

The Ely area Wildlife Research Institute staffers noted they were surprised to see Lily roll onto her back to give birth, Science Recorder notes. Apparently, the black bear had not done so with previous cubs and the birthing variation was unexpected.

Lynn Rogers of the North American Bear Center had this to say in a release about Lily the black bear:

“Lily was restless Friday evening and surprised us by giving birth a week earlier than she has previously. We’re thrilled to hear the sounds of healthy cubs.”

Both of Lily’s bear cubs are reportedly doing fine. They little fur balls are growing stronger as the days go by and they are very vocally active. It was just 9 degrees when the black bear gave birth, so Lily kept her babies warm with her breath.

The Minnesota bear has become something of an online celebrity in recent days. Her Facebook page has garnered more than 146,000 likes. An estimated 100 den-watcher volunteers will stand vigil over Lily and her black bear newborns to record observations about their progress and habits. The bear’s online social network page is also serving a virtual baby shower fundraiser. The day the little bear cubs were born, the Wildlife Research Institute $1,300 for Hope Learning Center.